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My name is Alexander Willemsen and I am an aspiring developer looking to do something with the current and future web and mobile technologies out there. Currently I am doing a Bachelor of Applied Computer Science at the Artesis Plantijn University College.

Studying at Artesis Plantijn I have encountered many of the current technologies. On the right you can see some of the most notable I am acquainted with. There are also other technologies of which I am currently following introductory courses. Of these courses, Android and iOS (Swift) are the most noteworthy ones.

It is hard to determine a degree of mastery over these technologies as this is highly subjective. I thus believe it is not possible to show you how skilled I am at using these technologies in percentages or graphs. I suppose my Github repositories and future projects are more suited to show you these insights.

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Node.js Python Ruby on Rails



Artesis Plantijn College University

Bachelor of Applied Computer Science - 2014-2017

This three year education will not only allow me to get in touch with the latest web and mobile technologies, it will also show me how these technologies are integrated in real life business applications. Furthermore, it is also important that during these three years that I also get a grasp of how business and IT work together.

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